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  1. Dear Mala Restaurant Team,

    I am a tour-guide and recommend your wonderful restaurant to my clients on a regular basis. When they choose Indian cuisine, I get a chance to have a pleasure of savouring your delightful food, too.

    Usually, I have not many tours in winter, so I see you less often. However, today I was checking different menues for a family outing and discovered this lovely news – Mala Brasserie having been awarded with a Certificate of Excellence!

    I would like to congratulate you on this great recognition of your hard work – delicious food and lovely service – the whole Team trully deserves it.

    I hope, my family chooses Indian cuisine for our event and I would get another chance to visit my favourite restaurant once again. Then I can congratulate you in person.

    If not – then I am wishing you a great success in your business! Thank you for providing us all with amazing food and wonderful service!

    Yours faithfully,
    Maryna Kuzina

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